Friday, April 6, 2018

Kota Kinabalu Hashing Club or KK Interhash will be hosting the 17th Borneo Nash Hash in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia on 13-15 September 2019. Registration is RM250 until 30th Sept 2017.
More details will be psoted later or email:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Open Letter to Mother Hash

 I received this rather disturbing open-letter from the Organizing Committee of Borobudur Interhas 2012.

Please take time to read & comment.
To All Participants and Friends of Borobudur InterHash 2012.
Please share this correspondence widely with all in Hashdom.

The Management Committee of the Borobudur InterHash 2012 is committed to providing an affordable and fun InterHash for all who attend.  We have prepared some of the best InterHashing in the world for you to enjoy with some of friendliest Hashers on earth.  We are committed to achieving this outcome regardless of any situation concerning the transfer of InterHash start-up funds from Kuching InterHash 2010. 

Since the first InterHash at Hong Kong during 1978, respective management committees have established and developed a start-up fund to support the next InterHash and provide for financial emergencies.  Customarily, each InterHash Committee has remitted start-up funding to the following InterHash soon after the completion of the preceding InterHash.
In keeping with this custom and as soon as possible after InterHash 2008, the Perth InterHash Committee properly transferred US$25,000.00 to the Management Committee of InterHash 2010 in Kuching for the purposes of start-up funding.

Kuching Interhash 2010 accounts available to Borobudur InterHash 2012 reveal that an amount of Malaysian Ringgit 100,000.00 was reserved for transfer to Borobudur but the amount remains in a Kuching Interhash 2010 bank account.

No start-up funds have been remitted from Kuching to Borobudur InterHash 2012. 
The Borobudur InterHash 2012 Management Committee has written seeking the co-operation of the following parties to rectify this situation:
 (i)            selected members of the Kuching InterHash 2010 Committee;
(ii)           the Chairman of the Hornbill Hash;
(iii)       the Chairman of the Malaysian Hash Council;
(iv)       the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Heritage, Sarawak; and
(v)        the solicitors who acted for and on behalf of the Hornbill Hash House (ROS Regn no. 0478-08-SWK) in the matter of the closure of the “InterHash Project 2010 Discharge of Treasurer”.

Despite these requests and now less than two weeks prior to the beginning of InterHash 2012, the Management Committee of Kuching InterHash 2010 has failed to remit any InterHash start-up funds in accordance with the fiduciary responsibilities of its Members.  Because of this unacceptable situation but principally because such start-up funding remains the property of the InterHash Community and not the property of InterHash 2010 Kuching, Borobudur InterHash 2012 decided to share this correspondence with the InterHash community. 

The Management Committee of Borobudur InterHash 2012 believes the actions of the Kuching InterHash Committee of Management reflect poorly on ALL members of the Malaysian Hash Community, not just the Kuching InterHash Committee; the Hornbill Hash and the Malaysian Hash Council.  After all, the Malaysian Hash Council found it necessary to intervene in the management of Kuching InterHash 2010 when it considered there were significant divisions within the Committee of Management.  We urge all Malaysian Hashers to instruct their respective Hash Office Bearers to demand that the Kuching InterHash 2010 Committee immediately remits the InterHash start-up funding to the nominated bank account of Borobudur InterHash 2012.

The Borobudur InterHash 2012 Management Committee also expects the Kuching InterHash 2010 Management Committee to provide a detailed, audited and public explanation of the particular bank balance in Kuching which “stands at almost RM 600,000” and any plans to disburse that extraordinary amount of money which is the outcome of InterHash Kuching 2010.  (The Borobudur InterHash 2012 Management Committee will publish any explanation provided in the best interests of InterHash.)

The Borobudur InterHash 2012 Management Committee also considers that the failure of Kuching InterHash 2010 Committee to remit the start-up funds threatens future Malaysian Federal Government support for and funding of the Yayasan (Foundation) Hash Heritage which aims “to rebuild The Hash House for use as a recreational centre for the interest of the people and hashers both locally and worldwide and maintaining and preserving The Hash House”.  The next Annual General Meeting (AGM) of this Yayasan is scheduled for 30 May 2012 and attendees of that AGM are urged to remain mindful of this threat resulting from the actions of Malaysian Hash members to its future.

While the start-up funds remain in the bank accounts of Kuching InterHash 2010, the Borobudur InterHash 2012 Management Committee considers it is highly unlikely that the hosting rights of any future Hash events of regional and/or international significance will be granted to Malaysian Hash Clubs.  This will lead to the potential for Malaysian Hashing to become isolated in an international context which is a sad outcome for the only nation able to claim the title of Home of the Hash House Harriers. 

Finally, the Borobudur InterHash 2012 Management Committee wishes to remind you of its aim to provide what it believes will be the best possible InterHash in the unique natural and built environments of Borobudur.  The Borobudur InterHash 2012 Management Committee believes that all in attendance will enjoy an affordable and fun InterHash despite the failure of the InterHash Kuching 2010 Committee to transfer the InterHash start-up funds from its bank account to Borobudur InterHash 2012.  We urge you all to enjoy Borobudur InterHash 2012 and your stay in Indonesia.

Yours sincerely
MB Susantin Sinarno                                                                     Liem Chie An
Treasurer                                                                                                Chairman

Monday, December 13, 2010

Just as I remember.... by S-TriPp3r MFH3

The mixed responses from fellow hashers when I posted Michael Bo-Seong’s photo following his untimely sojourn were overwhelming. I guess it just proved that our late brother Michael Bo-Seong was well-loved by those who knew him, or whose lives he has touched tremendously.

I didn’t come to know Michael Bo-Seong Chio despite the 10-year mark that Penampang Tua’a Pau has in Kota Kinabalu Hash Scene. It was only a couple of years back commencing from the preparation of the 12th Borneo Nash Hash, did I really sit down with him and came to know him personally. In the midst of chaotic mis-mangaement of the 12th BNH, he remained composed and focused on what he wanted to accomplish. Surrounded by equally capable dis-organised committee like JM Kevin Yeung and armed with visionary ardour of true-blooded hasher, he managed to put up a good show last 12BNH.

Later when Kota Kinabalu Hash House Bunnies (The World’s 3rd Harriette Hash Chapter) hosted their 2000th Celebration Run, Boss Bunny Pretty Woman made a right decision to roped him in on behalf of PTH2 to take-charge of the laying of papers as the run-site they chose in Kg. Madsiang was literally his playground and turf. Only recently when K2H2 Bunnies celebrated their 40th Anniversary cum Red Dress Run, among the biggest contingent to the celebration was from PTH2—again under the leadership of Michael Bo-Seong.

He was the kind of special person who would always support any function of other Hash Chapters to ensure their success. He would fly anywhere in Malaysia and around the region to join any hash celebration and almost always PTH2 would be attending big group.

Recently in 10th October 2010, the PTH2 celebrated their 10th Anniversary with few ourtstation hash chapters in the midst. Among the highlights of the celebration, a few of us from Moyog Full Moon Hash House Harriers (MFH3) sashayed & gyrated on the stage with PTH2 GM Michael-Bo-Seong taking cue from MFH3 GM Uncle Lee in that whacky hash act. I was one of those ‘harriettes’ exhibiting more flesh & muscles not forgetting letting our hair down in a no-hold-bar inhibition. That was the last time I really saw him laugh heartily at himself and enjoyed his own prank to the whole PTH2 clan!

On-On Mike to the legacy you gave to PTH2 and to us whom you dearly care.

Medan Hash House Harriettes and Tracy Dukes like this on Facebook.

Tracy Dukes Please pass on my condolences to Cherrie-Ann x Very sad.December 4
Ravinder Singh May the lord bless his soul. December 4 at 6:02pm
Janet Soon, Seremban: My deepest condolences to the family!!December 4 at 8:45pm
Christine Chiang A2H2 May his soul rest in peace....December 5 at 12:56am
Sc Lam May his body find rest and his soul rest in peace. December 4 at 10:26pm
Parameswaran Balakrishnan Rest in Peace Michael. December 5 at 1:08pm
Lubbock Hash House Harriers ON ON to the next trail...Hash in Peace: December 4 at 9:33pm
Keepfit Hash House Peaceful resting, continue hashing.... December 5 at 4:00pm
Monex Moo a.k.a. Dta Rock May his soul rest in peace..lord bless his soul (on behalf of MFH3 KK) December 8 at 1:39am
Medan Hash House Harriettes May his soul rest in peace. December 8 at 3:44am
Sandakan Muhibbah Hash Deepest sympathy to the family of late GM Michael. R-I-P. December 8 at 1:01pm
Joseph Bianculli Rest in Peace my friend, my heart goes out to your lovely family, be strong. Yesterday at 11:06am

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PTH2 Run 18Oct2009

Penampang Tua Paau Hash House 18 October 2009
Runsite: Kg. Maang, Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

For the run outside the city parameter of Kota Kinabalu, Kg. Maang along Penampang-Papar old road would seem to be a long drive considering d’Wanderers had just driven about 2hrs from Ranau following an overnight escapade with the K2H2 Bunnies.

However, PTH2 members were really serious about hashing ‘coz their vehicles were already lining up the whole stretch of the road. It was exceptionally hot & dry evening even tho’ dark clouds were hovering all over the Kota Kinabalu. And by the look of it, the heavens would just open up its floodgate but that didn’t happen at all. By 4pm I saw d’Wanderers slowly moved across the street & wandered into some private dirt road. Few more early starters followed them from behind then without hesitation Charming Cock (Kok Chan Ming) tugged me towards them which I happily acquiesced the subtle prodding.

Reaching the foot of the hill, we climbed the well-trodden path slowly as it was going between 60-70degrees slope. When I reached the top, Wanderer was still loitering around then I decided to go for short run as well. We took advantage of the slope going down and sped up a little as we followed the track further down to a ravine. From there we went crabbing along the skirt of the same hill—a definitely Sotong signature run where on few occasion I could hear Wanderer’s “Ouch!” as she yanked her heavily-gloved hands from the thorny branches.

Sometimes, the trail passed thru’ a firm ledges but most often we had to grab trees, roots or even uprooted grass just to balance ourselves while manoeuvering some tricky parts. From the distance, we could hear sound of chainsaw cutting woods somewhere down the other hill, but due to the density of the jungle, I couldn’t really pinpoint which hill was that.

Then the trail crossed another ravine which brought us farther away from the base, but the humming sound of the chainsaw was still audible. By the time we set foot on the firmer ground, I just realized we were already on the other hill which was equally dense and also infested with giant thorny vines. Since we had to go up at 60deg angle, there was no way clearing the trail without entangling with the wayward vines. The challenge was untangling yourselves from the thorns that caught your shirts & pants. At least Wanderer was fully equipped with thick gloves & walking stick where she could just pin the vines to her side. Some more energetic young ones overtook us as we made our way around the hill.

As we climbed further up, the vegetation shifted from dangling vines & distorted trees to sea of ferns. I saw few types of ferns but it was the giant ferns that caught my attention, ‘coz one particular tree stand to about 15mtrs high. At the open space where the cross-point for long & short run was conspicuously marked, we ran into few guys, who took advantage of the slope to rest. The long run would have continued down to the foot of the hill then would take them up again to reach the ridge of the next hill.

For d’Wanderers & I, we followed the shorter trail & continued going up to the hill that linked to the exit. The terrain was deceptive as it looked that when I reckoned a shorter way out; it was just the start of along winding trail around the hill. True enough it was still a long walk or run even in late evening and with humidity that deprived us of needed oxygen, I myself was already soaked with my own sweat. By the time I reached the topmost part of the hill, I already finished my drinks but at least it gave me ample time to rest until d’Wanderers emerged fully exhausted from the jungle. Can you imagine a scenario that even when you’re on top of the hill, the leaves of the trees were not moving at all—no breeze; everything just stand still.

As we descend following the open dirt road, we finally saw the cross which had been our landmark along this area. I was more interested in having a swirl around it for another pole-dancing on the hill & I was sure Mr. Wanderer would have taken the pole as well. Yeah, we still had not recovered from the pole dancing we had with the K2H2 Bunnies last Saturday night. MFH3 GM Uncle Lee overtook us around that area and just ran down with ease as more and more homing FRB’s passed us. It took us over an hour to finish the run, which to my calculation was a decent time had it not for the dry weather. On-On

K2H2 Bunnies Deepavali Run


It was a fun-filled out-station run organized by the Ex-Co of the K2H2 Bunnies. The highlight of the run was an opportunity to swim with flesh-sucking carps-literally suck off anything dangling from your body. Not much booze to go around, but had wonderful time dancing on the pole with equally sexy Bunnies.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

K2H4 RUN1746 11Sept09

K2H4 Run1746 11Sept09 Kg. Dambai Off Kionsom Rd., Inanam
Tucked inside Kg. Dambai about 1km off Kionsom Rd, the run-site was a secret enclave known only to K2H4 as the property belongs to On-Sex Ricky Lee’ uncle. Parking space was very limited but somehow every car seemed to had been parked neatly. Exactly 5pm GM Simon Tsen flagged us off towards the hill that acted as natural fence for the property. I was trailing behind Teddy Bear then later broke off from the group and jogged towards the dirt-road up to a small hill.

Haze was still not contained as it seemed to envelope the heavens and hopefully heavy rain would help to clear the sky. There were already FRB’s & ESB’s down the valley when I hit the open field on top of that hill. The whole stretch of the valley had been cleared either just to collect the earth for filling or to build a big hotel in that property. Anyway, the distance to reach the other side of the hill was about 1km and I just wonder how the hare manage to cross to the other side under the heat of the sun. Passing more ESB’s, I was now running side by side with William & Marboro while AhKaw decided to take it slowly.

Going inside the bushes and crawling under the ornate twisted vines & thorns, I was able to catch up with nt-Bernadette & Robert as they used all parts of their body to reach the top of the ridge. I also used both feet to balance on the huge vine while clinging to the firm tree on top of me at the same time grabbed any protruding roots to anchor my weight. One needed dexterous hands & limber body to squeeze into the crevice, otherwise thorns from wayward rattan vine & spiky palm trees could easily nip you. Once that hurdle was cleared, it was a continuous climb for the next 100mtrs.

While the intermittent terraces along the skirt of the hill gave us short reprieve, it was nevertheless steep. I thought when we hit the open space, it would be a long run going down, instead the paper continued to bring us farther up. I lost tract of the vegetation but it seemed, we were running inside the rubber plantation then out again to fern-infested hillock. Another 20mtrs up and we were out of the open, this time it was really the summit of the hill where the ridge was flat and had a good terrain for running.

Taking advantage of the flat ground on top of the ridge, I was able to overtake Steven & Dreamy Eyes. And just before the slope started to descend I passed by Ben-G walking alone. It was a good run down as well eventho’ the slope wasn’t even. We just passed that killer hill, but it wasn’t really challenging. After negotiating short curves plus a bit of skipping here & there, I could hear already murmuring from the house below. Soon enough, I was out but was surprise to see those people I overtook earlier on was already sipping coffee, while others were already into a couple of deals with playing cards.

Later on I found out there was a shorter way to go down from the first part of the hill before going into the fern area. No wonder nt-Bernadette & Robert were already sitting down munching some tidbits. It took me less than 30mins to finish the run. Hopefully next run would be tougher than this run. ON-ON!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

K2H2 BUNNIES RUN2049 09-09-09

Run2049 09 September 2009
Hare : Anti-Vietnam Rose Co-Hare: Julieh Scribe: HaShiT
Run-site/On-On: Gaya Seafood Rest, Inanam
Though we could here thunder every now & then plus the presence of haze from the perennial forest fire in Kalimantan, Borneo, the heavens didn’t open its gate to douse us with rain. Instead the weather still remained humid and hot.
When I got myself a nice Bunny towel from the Hare Anti-Vietnam Rose after registering with $Bunny, the horn was blown and everyone marched in group towards the opposite side of the road. Did I say group? Well, there was Kuai-Lo group, Chinese-speaking group, money-talking group and the doctor-patients group, the not forgetting the Early-Starting-Bitches group. And every Bunny seemed to just fit to any of these groups.

I saw Terry “AhFook” & Michael “German Sausage” broke away from their group to lead the pack running towards the kampong. When I reached the junction going up the hill, AhFook & G-Sausage made a u-turn as they couldn’t find the Bunnies’ holey papers. Unfortunately, another group—the children group from the house we passed by earlier picked up the papers. So Boss Bunny, now you know why S-TriPp3R had to run twice every time—it’s to ensure that the run wouldn’t be spoiled rain or shine.

After directing all of them to the correct trail, I made my way up ahead of the Laughing (who volunteered to be the bobtail for Lam-Soo). I still managed to catch up with a few Bunnies as they were passing by the edge of the stream lined with gravity water-hose snaking along the trail. Tho’ the urge to run fast was over-powering, the temptation just to be surrounded by beautiful Bunnies just made one step unbearable. What more if you have Boss Bunny “Pretty Woman” around together with an entourage of other equally beautiful specimen. I thought when G-Sausage made his 2nd round and caught up with us just before we made our descent, he would stick around the Boss and her cohorts. However he just continued bulldozing his way down & really defeated the purpose of joining the Bunnies run.

Anyway, I chose to stay behind which proved to be a right choice, ‘coz Flipper felt weak & had to reverse. So Datuk AhDuh volunteered to bring her back, and $Bunny also followed (either she didn’t trust AhDuh with fainting Flipper walking down the hill, or she could also pretend to faint so that AhDuh could serve them both) Whatever the reason, from his devilish grin, I found out later AhDuh was very happy to be of ‘service’ to the Bunnies!

This was the same trail that I laid for Puan Babi 2 Wednesdays ago, where a lot of Bunnies didn’t finish the run. This time to make sure no more blunder in the jungle, co-Hare Julieh put a lot of papers to mark the trail. Just before we could continue going farther up, the trail verged to the left then brought us walking along the skirt of the same hill then climb to the adjacent hill. It didn’t rain that day, so the slope going up was manageable even for Boss Bunny with her ceaseless moaning.

Avoiding more hanging vines and thorns as well slippery rock, we finally reached the cross line to the exit towards our right. It was a familiar trail and a favourite trail of our late Tai Kor for it could lead to three exits—all especially designed for the Bunnies. The open field which was supposedly another housing estate is now sea of green with tall bushes and the pathway seemed to be covered with fallen trees. The last part of the ridge was just a continuous slope down to the main road again. For FRB’s the run was just under 30mins, that’s why AhFook & G-Sausage could run another round.